Home Staging - Adelaide Interior Design
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Home Staging Services

We use an interior design eye to give buyers a warm feeling of “home” as they explore the space. The look is achieved by using transitional furniture and clean lines to maximize the home’s beauty and space. From full staging to redesign – we will leave your home ready to sell.

Full Staging – We transform an empty home into a stylish, inviting home that prospective buyers will connect with on an emotional level.

Partial Staging – We furnish and decorate key rooms within a home to create an impactful first impression for home buyers.

Redesigns – Using the furniture you have, we will rework the space while incorporating some of our own pieces to create a cohesive design throughout the space. This is a great option if the homeowners are still living on the property.

Turn Key – For empty homes.  We fully furnish and style the home to be move in ready.  We set a price below retail value and this price is tacked onto the selling price of the home.

Furniture Rentals – From short-term corporate housing to long-term rental living, we offer furniture rentals and design assistance to ensure no matter how long or short your stay, you’ll always feel at home.



Wish you could keep your rental furniture? You can! Our inventory is available for purchase so you don’t have to say goodbye to the design you love.