About - Adelaide Interior Design
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Meet Ashley

Ashley knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age thanks to her successful real estate father and grandfather. Now, she strives to create businesses that provide peace and happiness for her clients. She began her entrepreneurial journey with the launch of successful fitness companies Elite Movement Pilates + Barre and Beach House Yoga. Thanks to Ashley’s mom, an interior designer herself, Ashley has designed all three of her fitness studios as well as many houses and condominiums. After 8 years in the fitness industry, she decided it was time to merge her parent’s careers into her own vision and pursue it full time. Ashley saw the need for streamlined professional interior design services where unique designs are expertly curated and executed. Adelaide Interior Design is the realization of that dream.

Why we’re different – Adelaide Interior Design streamlines the design process to provide an enjoyable, seamless experience with remarkable results at a competitive price. We travel to the top furniture shows and only buy from trade vendors, so you can rely on us to be experts in the latest seasonal design trends. Armed with that knowledge and reputable design experience, we offer premier design services at market price.